Packing B&P-Sped: Spain – Portugal – Germany

Packing material

Removals and Transportation

You partly receive packing material from us such as removal boxes, dress boxes, picture boxes, picture corners, bedding and mattress coverings to the purchase and to the rent. Thus your removal property is packed professionally for transport and storage.

Packing accessories

We supply packing assistance likewise to you with such as burl foil, tissue paper, tapes etc., in order to protect your removal property optimally when packing.

Always moving

Correct packing is an important component for a successful removal. We offer to you sturdy packing material and packing accessories. With correctly packing your goods are protected in the case of transport despite all movement optimally against damage and break. We stow your cargo away professionally thereby this in your new home arrive again intact.

Packing B&P-Sped: Daily Spain – Portugal – Germany

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