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No removal is like another

Removals and Transportation

The individual and competent completion of your removal or order for transportation – same whether it concerns the transport of a cabinet around the corner or your complete furniture over thousands of kilometers – it is for us self comprehensibility. From the free and noncommittal offer to the structure of your furniture in your new domicile we stand for you as reliable partners to the side.

Do what ever you want!

Our removal service (removal package) is based on several components: In and unpacking, out and granting, disassembly and assembly, collection and supply, transport and storage. Do nevertheless, what you would like!

Which you do not want to make with your removal, we settle for you whether you to pack up, your furniture dismantle and again to construct or whether you to take up, decides our Full service you! Of course you can save through your own contribution at removal expenses. Packing material we supply to you with first when desired.

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